City Of Gangsters To Appear On Mac

Today Kalypso announced that their upcoming prohibition era mobfest, Omerta – City of Gangsters, is going to be released on Mac as well as the already announced PC and Xbox 360 releases.

I haven’t really said a massive about Omerta before now but now’s the chance. It’s one I’m looking forward to. Description alone sets it as something fresh. A gangster game set in the 1920′s, not a first person shooter but a more strategic fare.

It’s the whole idea though. Atlantic City, prohibition. It makes me think of Boardwalk Empire and not only that, any of the old setting mob games, films and shows. There have been a few good mob style games that actually give you something high to aim for, a strategic control of your operations and some true competition. Gangsters: Organised Crime made back in 1998 is the best example. Enough waffling from me anyway, more about Omerta.

Omerta will have you build your way up the crime ladder. Starting as nothing until you get people to follow you and then you can create your own gang. Once you do it will be a contest to conquer Atlantic City though open conflict as well as the more subtle side of things, from blackmail or bribery of police and politicians to just undermining the actions of your opponents.

There’s a new trailer been released to celebrate the announcement of the Mac version, here it is:

Stated for a February 1st release on the 360 and PC, we don’t have long to wait at all. The Mac version wont be too far behind that and then there will be the nice addition of cross platform multiplayer between the PC and Mac.

I can only really reiterate the fact that I’m looking forward to this. I love strategy, I enjoy playing as somebody on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ so this is right down my avenue… or should I say boardwalk.

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