2013 And The Return Of The Games Release List

The Christmas games release list for 2012 was, let’s be honest, pretty sparse. Publishers have started to take the the whole ‘lets release our game after COD’ too far now. Anyway, seeing as the world hasn’t ended, it does mean the first quarter and beyond of 2013 promises to see a plethora of great looking games.

The first big name title to be released this year, is the also the smallest titled game of the year – DmC, the reboot of the excellent Devil May Cry series. DmC has always had a huge following but never really sold in huge numbers. It’s hard to see this prequel attracting too many new fans, but fans of the series will be pleased to see more of the same pad twisting, finger knotting hack n slash action, even if they don’t agree with Dante’s youthful makeover. Also released in January is the pretty special looking Ni no Kuni, an RPG collaboration between Level – 5 and animation company Studio Ghibli.

February brings us another franchise which has hit its trilogy mark. Dead Space has to be one the best breakthrough IP’s from this generation, and Dead Space 3 looks as though it has just about enough to warrant another trip through a hellish space station in the middle of god knows where. There appears to be a lot more weapon customization on offer here, something the previous two games have touched on, but this seems to cross almost into RPG territory. February should also finally see us get our hands on the long awaited Aliens : Colonial Marines. We can only hope it was worth the wait.

Another game we’ve been waiting for also drops in February in the form of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. A MGS spin off where players take control of Raiden, it’s one game myself and Game-Modo’s Richard Dixon have briefly played, and were mostly impressed with.

March is always a popular time for releases, but this year could be one of the best Spring times yet. Xbox 360 owners will be treated to what could be the machine’s last big exclusive with the Marcus Fenix-less Gears of War Judgement. The March release date for such a big name title has prompted many to suggest that Microsoft will showcase their next gen console at E3 after its release.

Also due for March is PS3 exclusive God of War Ascension. GOW is now three games in, and with two admittedly very good PSP games also, the franchise is starting to show its age a bit – especially when compared to newer hack n slashers such as Bayonetta. It’s all about being epic with GOW, so as long as it retains that, fans should be happy enough for now.

I told you March was busy. We should also see Bioshock Infinite, which seems to have been around for ages now, and the impressive looking Tomb Raider.

The rest of the first quarter of 2013 is also brimming with potential AAA titles. Crysis 3 will make an apperance on PS3 and 360, with the PC version being released in Q2.  Lost Planet 3 is also due, as is a game which will come with no hype whatsoever, GTA V.

If you manage to find the time to get through that lot, you can also look forward to some interesting titles which are due for this year but have, as yet, no release dates. These include the Deadpool game, Star Wars 1313, Quantic Dreams not Heavy Rain 2, Heavy Rain follow up Beyond : Two Souls, the sci fi GTA Watch Dogs, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, PS3 exclusive The Last of Us, and the game that has caught my eye but may go under the radar, the intriguing looking Remember Me from Dontnod, to be published by Capcom.

Nintendo will need to keep the new Wii U owners interested in their new console and the signs are promising with The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, Rayman Legends (another game we’ve played and enjoyed a lot), Game & Wario, Wii Fit U and Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate.

The 3DS will also see a new Luigi’s Mansion, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow:Mirror of Fate, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Animal Crossing, as well as Monster Hunter 3.

PSVita releases have started to dwindle a bit, but hopefully Killzone Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice, Earth Defense Force 2017, and Tearaway will give Vita owners something to use the machine for.

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