What Games Get You Into The Christmas Spirit?

Well, the big day a few hours away folks and the Game-Modo crew are getting rather excited for Santa’s visit. What better way to get us into the festive mood than to playing video games.

Below you will find what games get each of us into the Christmas spirit.


Chris Wray’s Choice Is:

Die Hard Trilogy

The most obvious choice for a game to get you into the Christmas spirit is the same choice of film, Die Hard. I know, gaming website an’ all and I’m mentioning a film, but it’s valid. I remember playing the old Die Hard Trilogy game on the PS1 and the PC, I still own the PS1 version, and I thought it was great. It was released back in 1996 so it obviously shows it’s age now, but that doesn’t make it any less good. Following the events of the first three films, the game has three separate stories – it’s three games in one effectively. You play as John McClane in all three games. The first is a third person shooter where you fight terrorists and rescue hostages in the Nakatomi Plaza. The second is a rail shooter where you have to stop terrorists who have taken over Dulles Airport. Finally, the third has you in cars (Taxi, Dump Truck and a Sports Car) riding around New York City, defusing explosives before they can do off.

Of course rescuing hostages and taking out terrorists is always very Christmassy, what could be more so? I would be lying if I said it was just the game that made me think this way, the films – namely the first – are just as important. It’s the nostalgia of both combined, especially with the song “Let it Snow”. Is this what Christmas is all about? You damn right it is. Watching Die Hard is my Christmas tradition and you know, the Die Hard Trilogy game is free to download on the PC through a number of abandonware sites, I think it’s time to add to my tradition.

Yippie-Ki-Yay (enter swearword here!)


Richard Dixon’s Choice Is:

Conker: Live & Reloaded

The foul mouthed critter known as Conker’s always reminds me of Christmas. This little squirrel caused some commotion when Conker’s Bad Fur Day was launched in 2001 on the N64 because it featured graphic violence, sexual themes and strong language. I can’t imagine how many parents picked this game up for their kids to find this out, I bet a lot.

As many folk know Microsoft bought Rare and Conker: Live & Reloaded was one of the first games brought to the original Xbox. It was essentially a remake of Conker’s Bad Fur Day with updated graphics, multiplayer mode that could be played through Xbox Live and some censored obscenities that  Microsoft requested be implemented. It also featured better control of the camera, which was a big thing  deal to some fans who had been requesting this.

So why does Conker’s bad fur day get me into the Christmas spirit? The reason it does is because I bought the game in 2005, around Christmas time at my local Game shop. I played this all through Christmas and loved every second of it, to this day it cracks me up in fits of laughter playing it.

I would love to finally see Conker get a new game but I dont expect Rare would make it. The original creator of Conker said he would like to make a new Conker’s game so it may finally happen someday folks.


Jason Long’s Choice Is:

Killing Floor – Twisted Christmas
The game Killing Floor came out and despite being a smaller, unmarketed game, took off with thousands of fans flocking to it.  A lot of people even left it’s bigger budget comparison Left 4 Dead and headed into Killing Floor’s class based zombie shooter.
Every holiday season since 2010 the developers have been releasing a seasonal DLC called Twisted Christmas.  Ironically being specifically based towards Christmas, the annual release of Twisted Christmas usually brings in new players, and brings back old players who aren’t very active in the game anymore.  There is no shortage of multiplayer servers to be found.  And free weekends are often found to give you the chance to try the game free for a few days.
The main appeal to Twisted Christmas is it’s horror adaption of snowmen, dwarves, and even Evil Santa himself.  In addition you’ll find new Christmas themed costumes, new weapons, North Pole and Holiday themed maps and of course Steam Achievements.  This DLC is a complete package and it’s gameplay is as tense as it’s humor.
Killing Floor in itself is a team based game, much like other Zombie games and usually results in having a great time during the holidays with other players.  For me personally it has been a great way to jump online on voice chat with my brother, for we both live in different States and only see each other every few years.  Nothing brings together brothers during the holidays than teaming up against undead Elves and Zombie snowmen.  Throw in a little eggnog and cookies and we are set for Christmas Eve to let loose and have fun during the Holiday break.
It seems I can find an excuse to kill zombies and the undead anytime of the year, and I’m ok with that.



Paul Tunnicliffe’s Choice Is:

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time 
The game that I chose, is one that has nothing to do with Christmas, but whenever its name is mentioned, it immediately reminds me of Christmas time. The reason for this is that is was the first game my wife bought me as a Christmas present. That game was Prince of Persia The Sands of Time on the PS2. And what a present it was.
POPSOT was a complete reboot for the series and at that point, it was a bright and breezy, action adventure game, free of the dark anger and anst that spoilt the sequels which followed. In fact, although it has nothing to do with Christmas, it does have much in common with those family adventure films which get airtime over the Christmas season, such as Indiana Jones or The Mummy.  Its a great game even now, clever gameplay which retains the originals spirit, a wonderful arabian tinged soundtrack and the back and forth, flirty banter between the Prince and Farrah, has yet to be matched in any other game since.

Brad Langford’s Choice Is:


One of the best games you could ever play at Christmas is a singing video game? That’s right SingStar is a game that gets me into the Christmas spirit allright. What better way to get into Christmas than having all the family come together for a good sing on the PlayStation 3.

This has to be one of the best games ever to get you into the Christmas spirit.


Travis Blair’s Choice Is:

Animal Crossing 

The first game that comes to mind when I think of the holiday is Animal Crossing. There’s seasons, festivities and presents! The game even knows it’s Christmas because of an internal clock. So whether you’re in the spirit or not, your little wooded world will be covered in snow, and you’ll receive a present in the mail on the 25th of December (or earlier, if you’re a sneaky time manipulator). If you want, you can decorate your house accordingly, though I don’t recall any other religions’ holidays being represented other than Christmas – but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Even without it being the season of giving, this game would win the award of the Game of Giving, so it’s a perfect match.

Resistance 3

This runner-up is just too good to ignore. Does the changing of the weather, dropping from an autumn breeze to a winter chill, make you think of the upcoming holidays? Well in Resistance 3, it brings about their doom by accommodating the chimera. The protagonist attempts to bring the gift of existence to his family by confronting insurmountable odds, all the while facing the increasing cold. Resistance 3 makes me think about the holidays, even if that snowy landscape is overrun with an approaching threat not coming to your door to sing carols.


Camille Shim-Marinos’s Choice Is:



The only video game I can think of that gets me into a Christmas spirit would have to be one of the Pokemon RPG for DS/GBA. It could also be a direct contribution that I can think of three Christmas’ in a row where the games: Pokemon Puzzle League Challenge (N64), Pokemon Snap (N64), and Pokemon Crystal (GBC) were apart of Christmas presents at one point during my childhood. Pokemon has had many generations of games over the years. Still as a current pokemon fan, it puts me in a nostalgic mood in general, remembering all the fun Christmas’ with Pokemon involved.


What games get you into the Christmas spirit?

Now that you have seen our games, what games would you suggest? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

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