Paper Mario Gets Sticky – New Video Game Releases – 07/12/2012

Well this week’s is a bit dull compared to last week’s epic video game releases. That’s partly due to the Wii U along with a whole host of games and the awesome Far Cry 3.

That’s not to say this week doesn’t feature some cool games at all  The 3DS finally gets the long awaited Paper Mario: Sticker Star. This game has been out in the US for a few weeks now and a few of Game-Modo’s US readers have been saying just how different and highly addictive the new Paper Mario is. Nintendo have decided to take the series in a new direction and focus less on the RPG element of levelling up in favour or collecting stickers. Sounds odd but apparently its not half bad.

According to reviews Paper Mario: Sticker Star features all the comedic times the other Paper Mario games do but is a little to simple and can easily be completed in a weekend. If you own a 3DS and like a game that offers something different this looks well worth it.

Sonic really did not want to be left out this week and he is zooming onto the PS Vita in his cartastic Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. No news is known when the 3DS version will be launched.

The Wii U only launched in Europe last week and has another game released this week. First up is the truly horrendous and must avoid 007: Legends which is apparently as bad as the other console versions.

Mass Effect Trilogy finally gets released on the PlayStation 3 this week but with some frustration. Apparently Mass Effect 1 doesn’t perform so well and many of Game-Modo’s Twitter readers have been unhappy with this. If you have missed out on the trilogy and have both and Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3 it looks like the box 360 version is the best.

Last up we have Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is a flight sim set in the second world war. If you are into these type of games it may be worth looking at.

Out Next Week

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition – PS3
  • Rise of the Guardians – Wii U
  • Outdoors Africa Unleashed – 3DS
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