Metal Gear Turns 25 – New Video Game Releases – 14/12/12

With under a few weeks until Christmas the big game releases have now started to really dwindle. They have trickled all the way down to 3 new video game releases this week.
Is it me or has the Metal Gear franchise had a lot of remastered releases this year? Well it looks like Konami have yet another one for the Metal Gear fans with Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition. This one has not been remastered but does feature trophy support and a poster. Good thing is you can pick this up for £15 in most places and well worth a catch if you missed it the first time around on PlayStation 3.
Next up we have Rise Of The Guardians on the Wii U. Reviews have been fairly average from this movie tie in game and user opinions on Twitter have been rather poor. This might be one of those games to pick up from the bargin bin.
Last up is Outdoors Africa Unleashed on the 3DS which is an on rails shooter and is apparently really cool. Graphics have been really focused upon in this game and few neat features make this a game to check out.
Like I said not many games out this week and next week gets even shorter.
Out Next Week
  • James Bond: 007 Legends – Wii U
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