Games To Get Kids This Christmas

So it’s literally a couple of days away from Christmas and those final hours are catching up for the mad rush to buy the last minute gifts. The guys at Game-Modo have decided to make a list of the best games we think you should get the kids this Christmas.


Travis Blair’s Choices Are:

Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants is a game I happened upon by some unforeseen force. While walking through the mall, my child made a direct line into GameStop, to the back right corner of the store, and right to the Skylander toys. When I was asked to get these toys, I understood why it’s a hit. The game is fun, but the star are the toys. If you have a child, you should be reading the ratings for any game they play. Let me tell you about Skylanders Giants. The game might be rated E10+ by the ESRB. The toys themselves are rated 6+. Both of these can be enjoyed by a child much younger if you play with them. This is where Skylanders shines, and why it should be considered a holiday pick. The game itself is an adventure game both simple and easy enough in order to proceed and one that contains side portions challenging enough for the parent if they so choose to try their hand. Get Skylanders Giants to enjoy playing a fun game that incorporates the giant tree monsters, bird men, and other toys that your child can play even when not enjoying the video game. Or, they can give their creature a nickname, take it over to a friend’s house who happens to have a different system, and use it with their game. Also, you can buff stats with hats, like a one made out of balloons or for serving fast food. That’s just silly.

When Vikings Attack!

This PlayStation 3/PS Vita game might not seem like a family game, but I assure you – this game is a great digital game for anyone with either system. You get both when you buy it anyway, so what’s it matter? Let’s say you down with a family member and start up the game on the PS3. You will either team up against an opposing force (pesky Vikings) or square off against each other. What is it you do? You take your group of cartoon people, pick up something, like a picnic table or a disco ball, and hurl it at the other group. Think of it as a rougher version of red rover, or dodge ball. It might sound violent, but that’s about the extent of it. If your group gets hit by say, a piano, they simply get tossed aside. Go get some new people, or keep those smaller numbers, and throw a phone booth back at them! This is something boys might especially find amusing, as it’s rowdy and fun enough to be just as good as wrestling or pillow fighting.


Jason Long’s Choices Are:

Lego Batman 2

Everyone loves superheroes, and there is not shortage of them in today’s media and pop culture.  Lego Batman 2 nails these heroes and their personalities in a precise, yet comical way.  They even were accurate enough to showcase Batman’s irritation with Superman.  One thing that can be tough for parent gamer’s can be the frustration also of not taking a game seriously, especially when your co-op partner causes you to fail.  Like all Lego games, you can’t fail, you can’t die, and the constant stream of breaking things and rebuilding them will keep even the hardcore gamer satisfied.  Lego Batman 2 is also the first Lego game to offer an open free roaming world in which you are no longer restricted to just levels to have some random inventive fun.  It is also the first game in the series to have actual voice acting rather then mumbling, which adds to the story.  These games are known for their humorous approach and Lego Batman 2 is no slouch in that area and the puzzle solving aspect of Lego games encourages problem solving skills and communication between both players as well.

LittleBigPlanet 2

The first LittleBigPlanet game was an achievement in platform based game design, offering cute and interesting characters, multiple add-on costumes, actual physics and most importantly helped usher in User Generated Content to consoles on a level never seen before.  LittleBigPlanet 2 took this formula and amplified it by 10x.  The main character of Sack Boy is adorable, and a favorite of children and adults alike.  This is one of those few games that everyone loves and respects for what it has done.  Everyone I know from kids to tournament gamers has spent time with this game and enjoyed every minute of it.  Of course LittleBigPlanet 2 returned with the same inventive levels, physics and costumes, but the ability for users to create their own levels was taken many steps further as now players that love creating content can create entirely new games.  Everything from racing, shooters, role playing, and whatever game genre you can think of has been made by other players.  All of this content is free to download and can offer hundreds of hours for the entire house to play alone or together.  In addition, recently a patch was added to allow those who own Playstation Vita’s to use it as a second device to interact with the gameplay on the TV.  If you are looking for a game that your kids can play with or without you, LittleBigPlanet 2 is as good as it gets.  There is enough content in the game created by users to last for years.  At last count, if you were to play every level created by users it would take you 25 years to play them all.  Your money couldn’t be spent better for a game that appeals to children and the whole family at the same time.


Richard Dixon’s Choices Are:

Super Mario Bros U

Every kid new and old knows who the big guy with an M on his hat is and I believe Marios latest outing on the Wii U shows how Nintendo still hold the magic touch in creating 2D platforming games. Finally Mario is in HD but whilst not a 3D outing this Mario is possibly one of his best 2D outings yet, the level designs and variety in worlds makes this an absolute treat for any gamer.  Anyone including your gran can play Super Mario Bros U making this not only an ideal game for kids but also big kids alike.l. Multiple players can also jump in and join in levels with another controlling the gamepad to help the kids reach star coins and the goal. It is a blast playing with the family and highly recommended.


Nintendo’s Wii U needed a game to showcase what the GamePad could actually do an Nintendoland does this elegantly. The reason I say this is a brilliant game for kids is that it offer some classic Nintendo style mini games that are suited for kids and families. You can use your Mii character to partake in the fun.  Some of the highlights are Mario Chase that is a multiplayer game that has you chasing down Mario to catch him, sounds silly but its really really fun with family and friends. Another highlight is Luigi’s Ghost Mansion that has one player hiding whilst the others try and find them. It’s like a digital hide and seek but better. The other games are also fantastic and all offer something different and its rather innovative like Wii Sports was for the Wii. I like how you collect coins and can use them to unlock objects and items in the theme park plaza, you can also leave messages for others to read in the plaza. Nintendo have really hit the mark with Nintendoland and it shines with the family, most other game developers for years have been trying to get to this level of family fun but always kind of miss the mark.


What games would you suggest for kids this Christmas?

Now that you have seen our games, what games would you suggest? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

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