Destination PlayStation 2013 Announced

Destination PlayStation 2013 has been announced! From the site: “As our guests you’ll be treated to…a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2013.”

What do you think will be announced? New games for existing franchises? New IPs for the PS3 or PS Vita? Release dates to long-awaited games like The Last Guardian? The only thing that’s certain so far about it is how uncertain we are:

Someone give Google a better date!

Let’s all hope the PlayStation 4 will be announced. Specifically, I will hope an announcement will be made that it will be named PlayStation Orbis. I mean, come on. PlayStation Orbis and PlayStation Vita just make sense. One thing’s for certain: the PlayStation Nation will expand in some way come February. I expect we’ll be hearing from Mr. Jack Tretton soon.

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