Crowdsourcing War: Funding Call To Arms

Digitalmindsoft, who were involved in the creation of Men of War and Men of War: Assault Squad, are moving on to new pastures with a new trip into the strategy market called Call To Arms. They’re funding it through crowd sourcing, but away from Kickstarter, for now and In addition they’ve secured a publishing deal with Lace Mamba Global.

But why crowd sourcing? Well they have enough money to start the project but, in their words, “We believe it’s time to improve the series and the engine it’s running on. This is where we require your help! We have raised enough funds to begin the project, but with your assistance, we aim to create the best strategy experience yet. Every cent offered will go back into development to create higher resolution graphics, engine optimizations and greater content!”

For now they have set a rather modest funding goal of €100,000. I imagine this will be met, there are no time limits to get the cash by and less of the cut will be taken by a middle man. However, they have stated a move to kickstarter will be made sometime in the development.

This is really the logical succession to Men of War, which has sadly declined over time, by moving it into a modern day setting. It’s going to keep the direct control features known from the Men of War games and to quote “Whether advancing with a Humvee, infiltrating with a Scout Sniper or crashing through buildings with a M1A2 Abrams, everything can be controlled by you!”

It’s early days so of course nothing much has been released, just a few models of guns and a tank. These are said to be in-game quality. If they are, excellent, because they’re of a much higher quality than what we’re used to in strategy games.

If your interest is piqued, check out the fundraiser and pledge your cash. I have even though it’s early days and all we’ve seen are a few models.

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