Burning Things Has Never Been So Much Fun – Little Inferno Review

Platform: Wii U
Also On: 
PC, OSX, Linux
Developer/Publisher: Tomorrow Corporation
Rating: T (ESRB) / 12 (PEGI) 

Indie developers really have taken a liking to the Wii U and this included a few chaps who had previously made a game called World Of Goo. They decided it would be an ample time to bring their next project Little Inferno to the Nintendo masses and PC/OSX/Linux folks also.

Before taking a dip into my funds to try out Little Inferno on the Wii U, I was skeptical on what this game actually had to offer. I mean come on all you do is burn things? This looked like something I could buy on my Android device. Let me start of by saying if you also believe this then you are wrong.

Little Inferno’s story is rather brilliant and deep at the same time. I often felt as if Tim Burton had some involvement and was expecting Johnny Depp at any moment to pop out and say boo. I was a little sad that this did not happen, instead it revolves around a town covered in a winter that seems to be getting worse day by day. The unseen main character is given a brand new toy called a Little Inferno and burns everything and anything in it to stay warm. Along your burning adventures you will meet a few NPC who send you letters, the best in my opinion is your burning obsessed next door neighbour, who also indulges lots of time burning to her hearts content. The more you play and progress through the game the weirder and more crazy her letters becomes, I did laugh out loud a few times upon reading her mad rants, as it was very amusing. You also get letters from the weatherman who tells you its getting worse outside and worse. You will sometimes get letters from the Tomorrow Corporation who are the inventors of the Little Inferno. The story is absolutely brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it, keep playing because it becomes very interesting near the end.

Onto what makes this game so awesome and that is the gameplay of course. The whole game revolves around you setting fire to objects, you do this buy purchasing all kinds f random objects from a catalogue  Every time you burn objects it drops money for you to buy better items to burn. You can burn a combinations of items, get more money and to create special effects. Just one catalogue in the whole game I hear you say? no actually once you have gained a few combos and burnt all the items a new catalogue will become available. One thing I loved is the items in the catalogues as some are hilarious, the more expensive the item the longer it takes to arrive for you to burn. You can use special coupons to make the items arrive faster which are gained by using combos. The gameplay is highly addictive and the story progresses as you unlock more catalogues.

The game can be completely played on the Wii U GamePad with no need to use the TV which I loved, you can also use the TV and GamePad of course. You use the GamePad to drag, drops and set fire to items in the inferno using the touchscreen. You can also use the WiiMote, though I did not try this.

Graphically its actually rather simplistic but has a feel of a Tim Burton cartoon to it. The more things and toys you unlock to fire into the Little Inferno the more interesting the graphics become when you burn them. 90% of the game has you sat in front of the fire burning stuff so don’t expect anything fantastic  but as you progress it gets better.

The audio score in this game is stunning, hands down one of the best audio scores I have heard in a game for quite some time. The music alone is the asking price of this game and It really sets the tone, whilst minimalist in most parts it is defiantly memorable. As you progress through the game you will unlock an advert for The Little Inferno toy and the music on this is kick ass, you can hear it in the video below.

I freaking loved Little Inferno. It’s an addictive experience and the story really pulled me in. If you want a game that tells a great story and offers something a little bit different you may love this. If you own a Wii U then its well worth a download from the eShop. Go get it, what are you waiting for?

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