Vikings Are Mighty Dangerous – When Vikings Attack Review

 Also On: PS Vita
Developer: Clever Beans
Publisher: Clever Beans
Rating: E (ESRB) / 12 (PEGI)

I’ve just come away from playing When Vikings Attack! against a few of my friends. My hands are sweating and my heart is pumping after one of the most downright funnest times I had in recent memory on a multiplayer game.
But the real question here is do I recommend you try this game? Well let’s take a deeper look into what makes When Vikings Attack so addictive and what holds it back.
The premise of When Vikings Attack! is about a group of Vikings who come to invade Britain many years too late. The Vikings then decide not to give up but take Britain as their own land. As you can imagine, the people are not so happy about this and take on the Vikings with whatever they can pick up and throw at them.
It’s a very simple concept, What I love about When Vikings Attack is how easy the game is to pick up and play. The isometric environments are fun to build up groups of either Vikings or townsfolk to battle it out to the death.
Level design in this game is cool, and like mentioned above is isometric. You have almost anything at you disposal to either take the town as Vikings (multiplayer) or save the town as townsfolk. The aim of the game is to eliminate the other group(s) with whatever you can find to throw at them. The single player mode has you protecting the town from the Viking attack and building up a group of people in your circle.
Controls are again of the simplest nature: at most you will be using three buttons for control and throwing objects. You can use some special attacks and dodges but when the games gets frantic you will be looking for the closest objects to take down your enemies. You can play with up to four mates on multiplayer and it’s one of the most fun times I have had on a multiplayer game in ages. Online multiplayer can become very competitive and is chaotic at times, but I would say this is where the game shines.
The PS Vita cross play was rather brilliant and had me and my misses going head to head with one of us on the PS Vita (which had the game on screen kind of like a Wii U) and one of us on the PS3. This is a cross-platform title and I like to see developers using this functionality because its great and can be using in superb ways like this. You can also play the full game on the PS Vita and continue from where you got up to on the PS Vita.

Graphically this game is very pretty and Clever Beans have done a really great job making its a very fun experience. A lot of humour has been put in When Vikings Attack! The character models and level designs are superb. If playing on a PS Vita it looks even better because of the fantastic OLED screen.

When it comes to music the score here is great and some parts had me in stitches. Some memorable dialogue and tunes I’ve been humming all week. I love it when audio is put to good use in a game.

When Vikings Attack ever so slightly reminds me of a game from the PlayStation One days called Poy Poy that worked around a similar concept of beating up your enemies with anything and everything in the environment. Whilst Poy Poy did not have a party of people in each team in still had that special spark that made it stand out from other games and When Vikings Attack! gets going you will see this spark ignite into something epic. A strangely weird yet somewhat fun experience is to be had with this great party game but a word of advice if you are planning to play this solo it gets very repetitive fast.

When Vikings Attack! comes into full light when played with a few friends, friendly fight talk and taking down your opponents with a telephone box. Does this crazy gameplay sound like your cup of tea? The go download When Vikings Attack! now from PSN and go emerse yourself in one of this year’s best PSN multiplayer games.

  • rick

    Can you please tell me how you got cross play to work on your local network? I’ve been trying for a couple hours to make this work… a head to head game between a ps3 and a vita on the same WiFi network. Thanks

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