PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Live; Issues That Still Need To Be Addressed

Firmware 2.00 for the PlayStation Vita is now live.  The update consists of the following:

PlayStation Plus
If you are currently a PlayStation Plus member or new to the membership, gamers can enjoy on both their PS3 and PSV free and reduced-price games, an additional 1GB of online back-up storage and automatic updates all for 17.99 for three months or 49.99 for a yearly subscription. 

Web Browser
Overall browser has been improved, and aspects like HTML5 and Java rendering can now make better use of the Vita’s GPU to provide for smoother website browsing. Also, the currently-active URL can now be tweeted directly from the browser.

Content Manager
The Vita can now sync wirelessly to a computer.  Furthermore, the interface has been updated with the ability to sync with the Playstation Plus online storage.

Email Client
PSV now has the ability to support natively Gmail and Yahoo Mail, but you can also add other email services.  You can have up to five email accounts.

Video Playback
1080p videos are now supported so long as the video format is of the type the PSV will support. Furthermore, closed captioning is also available for video files which offer captions.

Update:  Hidden Features

Here is a list of other unannounced features made available in 2.00 update:

PS and PSP game improvements
When launching a PS or PSP game, you receive a prompt informing you how to access the options menu.  For PS games, you can now pinch and zoom the resolution to fit your needs.  You also have complete control of button mapping.  You can change the location of the L2 and R2 backtouch buttons and for PSP games, you can now activate touch screen.

The Maps application now includes weather information

You now have the ability to customize the way you receive notifications for each application.  You have the option to play a sound, have the PS button illuminate, or appear on the screen. 

These features are a great step in the right direction, but the Vita is still missing some basic features which I hope Sony rectifies.  

Below are a few items they need to address in their next firmware update:

  • I own both a Vita and PS3.  When I receive a message, I receive it on both systems.  If I view it in one console, it still shows up as unread in the other system.   It would be nice to have a unified messaging system that receives, reads, deletes and sends across all systems.
  • When I am on my PS3, I am not able to see which of my friends are using their Vita.
  • Whenever you launch an app (ie: messaging, party, psn store, etc) the system always logs you into the PSN.  Why can’t the vita log me in when I power on the device or when I re-establish network connectivity?  I would look at my friends list and see that one of my friends was not online.  However, when he launches an app that requires being on the PSN, I received the notification that he is online. 
  • When you launch a game or application you are brought to the live area page (This would be a nice feature for the PS3).  If you have 3g or wifi connection, this page will update and show you what your friends have recently accomplished.  You have the ability to comment or like their achievements.   I would love to receive a notification that someone has responded to my achievement.  Better yet, it would be nice to receive a notification summary detailing what my friends have accomplished or when I click on their profile it shows me all their accomplishments. 
  • Last night I tried to download a demo and to my surprise I did not have enough room on my memory card.  It took me a few minutes to locate where I can see how much memory I have left.  The location is Settings – System – System Information.  It dawned on me that in order to manage the files on your memory card, you need either a ps3 or a computer.  Granted a majority of people have either one or both, but what if you are on the road?  This is a portable device, isn’t it?  Shouldn’t we be able to manage the content on our memory card from the Vita?  There should be a memory card manager where it shows you how much memory you have.  What applications are taking up memory, how many pictures you have, dlc, music, etc all under the same memory card application.  I shouldn’t have to launch the Photo app to delete pictures, or the music app to delete songs.  I should be able to manage all my content from the memory card application.
  • The Group Messaging, Friends, and Party app should all be one application.  It doesn’t make any sense why I can’t send a message to a friend or invite them to a party from the friend’s application.  Furthermore, in order to read the message it has to open the message application.  I think it would make a lot of sense to open a PSN social application where it integrates all three into one Social application.  Here you can see all your friends, send messages, and create parties all in one application.  I think there are too many steps people have to take to join a party.  

Currently, the following has to be performed to join a party: 


  1. Launch the party application
  2. Send an invite to your friend
  3. Your friend needs to launch an application so that they can be signed on into the psn before receiving the invitation
  4. Open the invitation which launches it opens the messaging application
  5. Accept the invitation and finally they are in the party.

I hope Sony has some if not all my inquirers on their agenda for future firmware update.  Do you have any other features or fixes Sony should address in their next firmware update?

  • Jonathan

    Just one. Sort out remote play properly. It was promised and has yet to materialise. My partner ans I watch tv in the evening. It would be nice for me to be able to stick on ps3 games and to play remotely.

  • Anonymous

    the firmware also updated the screenshot process.

    link to a video that shows it

  • Chi Hang

    This is perhaps the best update to date.
    Yeah, the file managing has to be improved on PS Vita. You have to remember where all your files are at and check whether to delete which one.
    Sony should also implement an “Update” button in PS Store. Just press the update button and we can see all the apps and games that have new updates and patches. Currently we have to check one by one.

  • Anonymous

    now when I shutdown my vita, the home button stays lit but a dimmer blue. it stays on all the time. when i turn it back on it goes bright again. I do not have any notifications.

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