Mario Is Addicted To Coins – New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Ninendo
Rating: E (ESRB) / 12 (PEGI)


With the launch of the Wii U just around the corner in the UK and Europe I decided to finally finish playing some of my 3DS games. A game I did not really get featured the coin-addicted Mario in New Super Mario Bros 2.

I am a rather huge fan of the Mario franchise and loved Super Mario Bros 3D Land on the 3DS that was released last year. It felt magical to finally play a full 


on 3D Mario game on a handheld device. So as you may expect I was rather excited when I found out a 2D Mario was headed to the 3DS and I was expecting the same sort of console quality experience that was given to us with Super Mario 3D Land.

When I started playing New Super Mario Bros 2 it felt and looked exactly like New Super Mario Bros on the Wii. I was fairly impressed with its presentation but felt at first the only new aspect Nintendo had added was the crazy amounts of coin collecting. I just couldn’t get into this and left the game because it kind of annoyed me. I felt like this was just New Super Mario Bros with an insane amount of emphasis on coins and not enough on the great level designs seen in other Mario games, I was a little fast to jump the gun and got this idea in my head only after the 1st world.

The Wii U will be launching on the 30th November in the UK and I thought it would be a good idea to re visit Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS because I will be picking up Super Mario Bros U.

New Super Mario Bros 2 is not your typical Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach story. This time it revolves around the Kooplings kidnapping the lovely Princess Peach after Mario and Luigi come back from a nice trip in the Mushroom kingdom collecting coins. I seriously believe Mario and Luigi have some serious issues and are in fact addicted to coins, you will see what I mean whilst playing through the game.

Just like New Super Mario Bros you have worlds to traverse through on your mission to save princess peach and these worlds contain a lot of coins. You have a coin counter showing how man you have collected so far through your adventure and Nintendo have thrown in a challenge by asking players to try and collect 1 million coins. If you manage to do this a secret will be unlocked. I’m sure this will keep Mario’s addiction happy for some time. Nine worlds can be played with different levels of difficulty if you plan on grabbing the 3 star coins in each level. The more star coins you grab the more secret paths to can unlock to play which gives this game a nice bit of replay value.

I actually started to get addicted to collecting as many coins as I could and to collect all the star coins. It’s at this point that I started to see how great this game idea actually was. One thing I was not overly impressed with in the game was the bosses. They felt a little simplistic and did not offer much in the way of difficulty.

As you may expect the gameplay was spot on and the levels felt really well laid out. The more you play the more you will see this game start to shine. I did quite like hunting down the hidden star coins, some of them can be quite difficult to get but it does offer a nice challenge. Some of the Mario franchises bes powerups also return and my favourites have to be Mega Mario/Luigi which turns you into a super sized Mario/Luigi and my old favourite Raccoon Mario/Fox Luigi which lets you fly.

As you play through the game you can unlock a cool coin rush mode that challenges the player to collect the most coins they can in three randomly-selected levels. Its actually rather fun and if you activate the SpotPass feature you can share your coin total collected in coin rush and if you have more than the other player you will get an extra 1,000 coins. Its a fast way to get the 1 million coin total.

If you have a mate with a copy of New Super Mario Bros 2 you can play the multiplayer game. Unfortunately I have not tried this so I am unsure what it is like.

Wondered about Mario’s brother? Well you can play as Luigi in in Co-op mode, and unlockable for Solo mode after beating the game by holding L + R at the title screen.

Audio wise this game has your standard Mario jingles and offers nothing revolutionary here but the game looks stunning, if not as good as New Super Mario Bros on the Wii. The 3D effect on the 3DS doesn’t offer much here and its a shame Nintendo did not add some 3D effects into the game.

It takes a little bit of time for New Super Mario Bros 2 to shine but when it does it really shines bright. If you are a fan of old school 2D Mario games this is a great game to play and with the emphasis on coins makes takes it to a different level.

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