Halo 4 Trailer ‘Scanned’

The Dave Fincher produced, semi-live action Halo 4 trailer has been released, and it’s very good.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s the fantastic video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7dqtgkSWeQ


The live action sequences of the trailer hint at some of the back story to Master Chief and other Spartan-II soldiers, and shows all sorts of medical tampering to create what we know as the ultimate first person shooter hero. Whether this amount of character development is thrown into the actual game will be interesting to see, but lets be honest, do we want the Chief fleshing out at all? He’s a grunt with a gun, who saves the universe, do we care if he was whipped away from his mother as a child as the trailer suggests?

The scenes with a fully suited and booted Chief appear to involve a heavy dose of CGI and show our hero doing what he does best. One thing you do get from these scenes, is just how hard it was going to be for Peter Jackson and co, to make a full length Halo movie and how difficult it would perhaps have been to make the Master Chief a watchable character on screen.  Playing behind the visor with occasional cut scenes with him is one thing, a 2 hour plus movie may have been just too tough to pull off.

This is Microsoft’s only big hitter this Christmas and Halo is still its number one franchise, so they have pulled out all the stops promotion wise and this is the last piece in the big push to make this another huge seller. If you weren’t already, has it tempted you?

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