Halloween Update Roundup

So it’s getting to that time of the year again, kids are going to go out in costumes asking for free stuff and I’m going to shut myself inside, turn off the lights and hope nobody thinks I’m home. Either that or I’ll go out with people of around the same age as me, consume alcohol, and hope I meet an attractive female in a slutty [insert character here] costume. A nurse would be fine!

It’s also that time again where the developers spoil us by giving us free things in the shape of Halloween updates for their games and invite the festive season into all our hearts. Here’s a list of some of them.

Guild Wars 2 – Shadow of the Mad King
A four part event based around the tale of an old tyrannical king, Mad King Thorn, who was said to have been chopped into pieces and spread around the world when he was overthrown five-hundred years ago, just to add onto that they banished his spirit to the underworld and it is said he can only return to the mortal realm on one day, Halloween.
The first event began on the 22nd, Monday. The next event will start tomorrow on Friday the 26th, the third on Sunday the 28th and finally the main event, which I assume will be the Mad King himself, will begin on Halloween, Wednesday the 31st.

In addition to the in game events the in game store, the Black Lion Trading Company, is selling Halloween themed items. There are two new costumes on sale, a witch and the mad king, as well as a few spare costume pieces like Devil Horns and phantom hoods. There are tonics that will transform you into Halloween themed creatures such as a ghost or a zombie and also three new mini pets (Ghost, Zombie and Spider)  for you to take around with you. Also the store offers trick or treat bags which will offer a random drop of a variety of things.

Killing Floor – Hillbilly Horror Event
Killing Floor has always been a very festive sort of game. In fact, I’m fairly sure it has special events for valentines day, date a mass murdering psychopath zombie? Anyway, Halloween.
Killing Floor offers us a horror of zombie deliverance (poor Ned Beatty, still squealing) this year, a map based on a stereotypical back-woods redneck village where the zombies of said rednecks roam, challenging you to obtain the fifteen new achievements, six specifically for Halloween, these allow you to unlock the Grim Reaper as a playable character, added to the game and that is until you murder them with the four new weapons: The MKb42 assault rifle, a WWII trench shotgun with shells that set the target on fire, a nail gun called the Vlad 900 and a Medic-only grenade that heals teammates and poisons zombies.
In addition to all this, though not part of my “it’s free” theme of the post, is that the game is now 75% off and DLC is 50% off on Steam for the duration of the event.

Left 4 Dead 2
So I doubt this will matter to anybody because I’m fairly sure anybody who has used one of these new-fangled pcmabobs will have played or have to interest in playing Left 4 Dead 2. However, if you haven’t yet played Left 4 Dead 2 then it is free to play until Monday, 5pm GMT. In addition to this, again breaking my “free stuff” rule, it is 75% off to buy.
In addition to this they have added a new achievement, “Good Guy Nick” for anybody who helps a free-weekend player survive a campaign.

Tiny Troopers – Zombies Mode
The zombie mode offers you a new survival mode where you just take as long as you can surviving increasing waves of zombies and, well, zombie chickens. You can use your airdrops to maul the zombie hoard as much as possible and it’s just a case of surviving, and the waves are endless. You’re testing yourself against yourself here, maybe you’ll be able to brag to others about how long you lasted, but that’s all up to you.

Team Fortress 2
I’m being a bit presumptuous here since technically there’s been no announcements of actual game content but over on the Team Fortress 2 websitethere is a comic, also the picture above links to the said comic, that seems to be alluding to an upcoming halloween event. I could be completely wrong of course, worst case scenario is you just get to read a small and somewhat amusing comic.

There are also other Halloween related things happening, yet not based on the ‘treat’ philosophy I’m working with here.

The Dead Linger
Indie game made by Sandswept Studios (who made Detour, a very interesting re-imagining of Tower Defence) that I pre-purchased a while back, looks incredibly interesting and the alpha, if you’ve pre-purchased the game, unlocks on none other than Halloween.
How can I describe The Dead Linger to you? Well it’s an open world first person RPG, it takes place in a massive world where everything is able to be interacted with and of course you are competing against the walking dead, but not only that, other people. You can fortify yourself in an area via building and blocking off windows and doors, I think that’s the plan anyway I don’t know if it’s gonna be in the alpha build until it’s released. Either way, it’s a game I’m very much looking forward to as I like zombie survival.
You should get to prepurchasing it while it’s still cheaper than full price.

Trains Vs Zombies 2
Last year the guys behind Railworks, now Train Simulator 2013, made a Halloween DLC called Trains vs Zombies, I forget if it was free or not now. Anyway, today Trains vs Zombies 2 was released on Steam at the price of £9.99 and given an instant sale reduction of 50% until the 8th of November. Why am I mentioning this? Well, the absolute absurdity of it all of course, seriously, it’s Trains versus Zombies. The game is a standalone, not requiring you to own Train Simulator 2013 and were I so inclined I would buy it for the hell of it.

Chances are there will be more and some I’ve missed. I don’t mean this as a complete list, far from it, just the ones I’ve noticed or ones that have grabbed my attention enough for me to mention them.

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