Chasing Aurora – Wii U – Interview With Martin Pichlmair, Co Founder Of Broken Rules

Game-Modo (G-M) caught up with Martin Pichlmair (MP), Co Founder of Broken Rules Interactive Entertainment. The developer is currently working on a really interesting game for the Wii U called chasing Aurora and kindly took the time to answer some of Game-Modo’s questions.

G-M: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time in your busy schedule to talk with Game-Modo regarding the upcoming Chasing Aurora on the Wii U.

MP: You’re welcome! I’m always happy to answer questions about our game.

G-M: Chasing Aurora looks like a fresh game, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before. What was the inspiration for the game? and can you give a brief summery of what its all about? You may have heard of a game developer for the PlayStation brand called thatgamecompany who made a game called Journey. The more I see of Chasing Aurora the more I get that feeling I get when I play a game by thatgamecompany of wow this is unique and beautiful. Why did you use birds instead of maybe a plane?

MP: It all began with a dream about flying that Felix, our creative lead, had. That dream was the starting point for dozens of prototypes and long discussions about how each one of us imagines human flight. One of those prototypes was playing on the Fujiyama in Japan. Soon we realized that a location closer to our home would fit better for the game. And since we all know the Alps, its flora and fauna, as well as the color of the rocks and the light on a glacier, we thought it would be the perfect backdrop for our game. That was a design decision that subsequently informed everything in the game. From the story to the music, from the weather conditions to the menu graphics, everything we put into the game has some connection to the natural and cultural space of the Alps.

We adore thatgamecompany’s games. We’ve met some of them now and then. I think we simply share an understanding of games as cultural artifacts. We both try to create unique games, games that stay with you after you’ve turned off the console, games that leave afterimages. Come to think of it, it looks like we have a lot in common.

G-M: What games are you most excited to try out on the Wii U when it launches?

MP: Personally I’m looking forward to ZombiU and I’m really curious what Little Inferno is about. The Batman game also looks interesting – they seem to put the GamePad to good use. And of course there are Nintendo’s first-party games which will surely showcase imaginative ways to use the console’s hardware. I’m personally a huge fan of Platinum Games, so I’m also looking forward to The Wonderful 101. And then there’s Runner 2 from our good friends at Gaijin Games. The launch lineup is just too good.

G-M: Can you play using other controllers than the GamePad and can you play the game entirely the GamePad instead of the TV?

MP: You can play the single player game entirely on the GamePad. Multiplayer – which is the heart of the game – needs both screens because the gameplay is asymmetrical. Most of our multiplayer game modes are only possible thanks to having a second screen. For example, the player on the GamePad might be up against a team of players that shares the TV. All kinds of controllers are supported because we want as many people as possible play at the same time.

We have a few questions here from some of Game-Modo’s readers who are really excited to take flight in Chasing Aurora.

SteveJ asks: This is a game I will be purchasing on day one when I get my Wii U. I was wondering what it’s been like working on a Chasing Aurora for the Wii U? I know you made and Yet It Moves for the Wii, would you say that Nintendo have learnt a lot since the Wii in regards to digital games and content?

MP: Yes, Nintendo has learned a lot. Online is the area where they had to catch up the most. And they did. With Miiverse, they created their own brand of social networking. The 3DS already had a better online shop than the Wii and I’m confident that they will continue to innovate in that area, too. Everything that gets people to connect their console to the internet is good for us.

NeoSegauk asks: Will chasing Aurora feature online multiplayer?

MP: Sorry, no. We have no plans to integrate online multiplayer. The game was designed from ground up for local multiplayer. For a small studio like ours, developing for a new platform, implementing online multiplayer is close to impossible because it would occupy our whole studio for months. What we can do is add online high scores and other non-realtime online features.

G-M: I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and our fans questions on Chasing Aurora. The more I see the more I feel that this is going to be one of the day one essential purchases for the Wii U.

MP: I certainly hope so!

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