Table Football or Foosball? Our Foosball 2012 Review

This review consists of two opinions: one from Travis for the version on the PS3 and one from William for the game available on the Vita. The two are virtually identical with the exception of Move controls for the PS3, and you get one when you purchase the other.

I compare Foosball 2012 to the movie Inception. Foosball 2012 is a game about a game about a game. I enjoy it as much as I have the real version. If you don’t care for foosball, maybe you should move on. But if you either have played a game or two or are intrigued about the this game of tiny skewered flipping athletes, then you should give this game a go. Saying it’s the best video game representation of foosball both wouldn’t do it justice for two reasons: I don’t know of any other foosball games and because it’s an ambitious little digital game with fun multiplayer that is a great deal for the price if you own both a PS3 and a Vita.

You get a singleplayer experience, and multiplayer. A tutorial will teach you how to play the game, and will adjust based on your control method. Here’s my favorite part about the game – it makes great use of the PlayStation Move, and once you’ve tried it, you realize how much sense it makes. The one downside to this control method is just how realistic it is. I admit – William whooped me while we played some online games. Me on the PS3, using two Move controllers and he on his PS Vita. Could it be that he’s just better than I? No! I’m blaming it on the accuracy of the Move controllers, which present a challenge. This is both good and bad. Keep this in mind, but don’t let it steer you away. It’s more fun in my opinion, but you can tell when trying the DualShock that there’s more skill required with the adjustments made with the Move compared to just tapping the analog sticks of the DualShock. Also, to me, it just feels like more of a simulation when using the Move, since they’re essentially the handles of the foosball table, as opposed to the DualShock, which uses a different control style.

You’re going to get both versions of the game regardless of which buy. You can purchase unlocks in the PS Store, but these are also available simply by accomplishing tasks in the game. You can play online or local multiplayer, and even between the PS3 and Vita, as William and I enjoyed.


My thoughts of the Vita version are that it is a wonderful game on the go. It’s perfect for the Vita because it’s so easy to launch a match versus the AI with multiple difficulties and different tables (changes only affect the visuals). You can also choose different ball modes from normal to mini-ball and trick-ball, which gives you the ability to always do trick shots without waiting for the bar to fill up. The controls on the Vita are very, very well-done. Now where the game struggles is the online feature. During matches there are moments during the match that lag will become an issue. Most time the lag occurred when “scoring a goal”, when what would happen was that I would shoot and it seemed like the ball went in and would come right out. What actually happened was my opponent blocked the goal but I never actually saw that, so at first it caused a lot of frustration but an issue that over time can be overlooked.Cloud saves is done to perfection in Foosball. After every match done the game saves just like all other games but it also saves it to the cloud meaning there is no need for syncing it later because it is always doing it for you. My hat’s off to you guys for that save feature.

Whether you choose to play it on the PS3 or the Vita, both William and I have a fun time with it. If you happen to have two Move controllers, you need to get this game even if just to appreciate playing a foosball video game. If you happen to have four Move controllers, finish reading this paragraph and get this game. The fact that you get both versions when buying the game is icing on the cake. You’re going to get foosball, or table football if you know it by that name. There’s nothing else here, so keep this in mind if you’re wanting a deeper experience. But if you like the foosball, or enjoy a fun multiplayer game, then pick this up. Practice your passing skills, and make your opponents ask for best two out of three.

Platforms: PS3/PS Vita
Developer/Publisher: Grip Games
Rating: E (ESRB) / 3 (PEGI)
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