Top Five "Characters" We Want in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita systems on October 23rd. We’ve seen the growing roster of characters. The roster, which now includes the recently-announced Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS franchise along with Jak and Daxter from their series of games, is one that’s rapidly appeasing fans all over with fan-favorites. There are, still, several characters that many want, with plenty of articles providing lists of PlayStation characters wanted in the fighting lineup. While there are still plenty of unannounced characters, Game-Modo is going to provide our list of the “characters” we would like to see:

Blu-Ray Laser

Strength: Can recall current and previous fighting styles; has a move list over five times that of his predecessor.

Weakness: Is a slow reader.

Select Button

Strength: Able to refer to a variety of options in battle; often has maps of levels to assist in situational awareness.

Weakness: Lacks confidence ever since the arrival of the popular PS Button.


Kick-Butt Female Home Avatar

Strength: With updates each week, she could be anything. Knight from medieval times? Ninja? Alien cyborg from a post-apocalyptic world?

Weakness: It could just be a guy in his boxer shorts.


PlayStation Plus

Strength: Capable of delivering hits up six times more than normal cost; known for surprises.

Weakness: There is a chance of getting a free hit in after one you paid for earlier in the round; mercenary-like actions will revoke all hits delivered if dues not paid.


PS2 Network Adapter

Strength: Has trained with SOCOM 2, Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain, and numerous sports games.

Weakness: Has an aging baud.


Maybe we’re in line with your requests, or maybe you have others you would like in the game. I know I am eagerly anticipating this title – and want to see both versions of the game in a bundle! The next announcement for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is scheduled for Gamescom, August 15th – 19th.

  • Anonymous

    I have been a follower for a long time. This article is hard for me to understand. Is it supposed to be funny, it did not make me laugh. Get back to writing good content please.

    • Travis

      I wrote this editorial as a way to have fun with how everyone has been requesting certain characters for this highly-anticipated game. If the humor wasn’t for you, then you can choose to look for my name and avoid my editorial content in the future.
      However, this site still produces quality content and we will continue to be original in one form or another. I appreciate your opinion and that you follow the site and encourage that you continue to do so.

    • Richard Dixon

      I love this write up, I dont mind that sometimes people dont like some of the stuff we post but to me Anonymous you seem like a troll. If you dont understand something then you leave a comment like “Get back to writing good content please”. Its great content. If you dont like it then please next time actually say what you dont like about it.

  • Alex

    Hi, I follow you on twitter and thanks for sharing this piece. I understand what the anonymous reader is saying. It is hard to see why it is funny. I would of said use a playstation 3 a wii and an xbox to battle it out. Its not a bad piece but could have had better ideas.

    • Richard Dixon

      I like the idea of a massive fight out between the consoles (thats quite funny). But we decided to make it playstation orientated to fit in with the title of the game.

    • Travis

      I appreciate the feedback from those that took the time to read the article. While I was simply having fun in response to everyone’s requests for PlayStation characters, this was me trying something new with my esoteric sense of humor. I have found Twitter is a good place for it, and you are welcome to follow @gamingmusings if you’d prefer my attempts at gaming humor in smaller doses.
      Thanks again for following the site and I look forward to your continued input.

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