DYAD Review

Platform: PS3
Developer / Publisher: ][ Games
Rating: E (ESRB) / N/A (PEGI)

The first cataract-inducing game for PSN! Joking aside, once you put down the controller after playing DYAD, that is if you even can put it down, everything else is just a blur and colors seem dull and faded. The visuals in the game are a perfect testament that video games are art! DYAD is possibly one of the hardest games to describe, because it mixes genres into a way that feels and seems to create its own genre…the DYAD genre.

The core mechanics is that it’s a racer, start to finish, but in between so much more than just racing happens – an experience happens. To give you an example, in one race you will have two enemies, each of a different color, and if you hook two of the same color enemy you get a pair. Now the goal of the stage is to get as many pairs as possible (a hook is when you press X when the enemy is in your path). During the experience/race when you hit a preset amount of pairs you will receive a star. Receiving a star in a stage will unlock the next stage, and receiving two stars unlocks a remix option. Remix option let’s you change up things a bit like inverted controls and allows you the option to control the audio with the L1 and R1 buttons plus other options, adding a ton of replay value to each stage. Now if you get three stars in the stage you unlock the trophy level. In this mode you will replay the stage under a new goal in order to get the trophy. At the end of each race the game will automatically tell you in what position you placed in the leader board. I for one never cared for leaderboards and found that some games forces them upon you, but not DYAD. Even though it tells you what place you landed in, it doesn’t show it to you, but does give you the option by pressing (please insert a playstation triangle) to open it which to me caters more to your curiosity. In my case I challenged myself to see how well I could do, and as of this writing I have first place in the global leaderboard in stage 9 Match Sprint.

The visuals, game mechanics, replay value, the audio, the always-changing gameplay from stage to stage, the leaderboard, the simplistic controller layout, the size of the file for the game 1337 MB…EVERYTHING EVERYTHING

The fact that the battery in the controller will eventually die out. The possibility that you’ll get addicted to the game and to leaderboard chasing. The fact that you’ll be giving yourself seizures and cataracts from all the time you’ll be playing while not blinking.

If you own a PS3 there should be no excuse for you not to be trying out the game, especially since there will be a demo available at launch. I understand not all games are for everyone, but you need to at least try it. It is remarkable that only one person made this game, Mr. Shawn McGrath. The race that I described above is just one race and I used it to give you an understanding of what DYAD has to offer. During the course of the game you will come across different obstacles and objectives, adding more challenges to the game.

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