Gravity Rush – PS Vita Review

Developer: SCE Japan
Publisher: SCEE
Rating: T (ESRB) / N/A (PEGI)

Gravity Rush started development in 2008 under the name of Gravité for the Playstation 3. Sony then decided to transfer it over to the PS Vita because they believed the Vitas features would better suit its unique gameplay style. The director of  Gravity Rush thinks the Vita is better suited to the game, because of “its handy and accessible nature” and “the impression of a different world existing beyond the screen the player gets by tilting the device”.

Lets start by saying the story for this game is really well written and revolves around the main character, Kat, who has lost her memory and finds out she has the power to manipulate gravity with a cat. Sounds mad, but it’s really good and not your typical story. It has many twists and turns and it’s deffo one that will keep you interested until the end.

The level designs in this game are huge and features some cool exploration elements; you can explore to collect gems to level up Kat’s abilities and unlock challenges to gain more gems. The challenges I did find rather boring but some are cool. Upon your travels you can also learn new abilities that are usually hidden and worth looking for. I did find that battling enemies did feel a bit complex at first, but once you nail down the controls it’s really fun.

When I first started playing Gravity Rush, the graphical art style blew my mind. It’s a fancy cell-shaded affair that looks damn good. The comic book 3D-style cut sequences can be moved using the Vita motion functions really did impress me. It’s something you have to see and showcases some of the Vita’s graphical and motion capabilities.

Controls in the game are seriously kick-ass. It takes a little bit of time getting used to Kat’s gravitational powers but when you do this down the game really shines. You can manipulate gravity to run along walls (inculuding upside down), fly huge distances, and defeat enemies. You can use the motion controls to look around the world or if need be you can use the second analogue stick. Once you get used to the controls they are quite simple to use and a very inventive use of the PS Vita’s features. What I really love is just how crazy it feels falling from super high heights – its like a small adrenaline rush.

The sound is actually very special in this game, it feels like they opted for a grand musical score and hit it right on target. I would say that the musical arrangement is as good if not better than most Japanese games at the moment. Sound effects are simple but work well, its just a shame that the French speaking sections have not been replaced with English speaking; instead we have subtitles.

Unfortunately, Game-Modo did not get the Military DLC because we did not pre-order our copy of the game. A good friend of Game-Modo, Danny Kriegbaum Laursen, had this to share on the DLC:

“The Military DLC for Gravity Rush contains one costume, two story quests and two challenges (which is pretty good along with gems helping you to level up Kat’s powers).

Challenge 1 is pretty easy to Silver, which will neat you 1300 Gem – This challenge becomes avaliable upon bring Endestria back.

Challenge 2 on the other hand can easy take some try to get Bronze – This challenge becomes avaliable upon bring Vendecentre back
Both challenge gives same amount of Gems – Bronze (600), Silver (700) and Gold (800)

Costume + Story quest (The Rules of War and The Phantom of Bravery) will first be avaliable in Episode 17.
Both Story quest will end with a releative hard “fight”

€3.99 for Military DLC or any Gravity Rush DLC is cheap.
I actually feel, I kinda cheat the devolper by only paying €3.99 for Gravity Rush DLC.

If you missed the DLC don’t worry because you can download them on the following dates:

  • June 27 Spy Mission.
  • July 11 Maid Mission. 
  • July 25 Military Mission.

It’s not often we see new ideas its today’s gaming world due to developers not wanting to take risks and staying with formulas that work. I can happily say that Gravity Rush works so well and it’s an experience I would recommend to any PS Vita owner. It’s art style, gameplay mechanics and fantastic story set this out as one of my favourite games so far this year. If you own a PS Vita, I recommend you buy it.

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