Dead Nation DLC Gets Arcade Mode; My Plea To Housemarque

Dead Nation, a PSN zombie shooter game from the amazing developer Housemarque, receives more downloadable content today. It is an uncommon type of DLC, as it is DLC to DLC. An addition to the core game, “Road to Devastation” was released last fall. An arcade mode will be released today to complement Road to Devastation.

From the PlayStation Blog:
“Attention Dead Nation recruits worldwide! We’re excited to announce a brand new game mode for Road of Devastation (the expansion pack to Dead Nation) called Arcade, which is a brand new way to experience Road of Devastation! Everyone who’s taken the Road knows of the Egogate experiment – to find the perfect zombie killer who can survive longest against ever-increasing odds (the fallen heroes’ DNA are allegedly used to clone and breed the perfect soldier).

The new Arcade mode may actually see you survive the ordeal and get out alive! You can choose your difficulty level, and checkpoints will revive (or is that clone?) you.
Completing Arcade mode on different difficulty levels will also unlock new Road of Devastation concept art. If you’ve never experienced Road of Devastation before, now’s the perfect time! Think you’ve got what it takes to get out alive? Download Arcade mode today and find out!”
My plea to Housemarque:
Please release a Vita version of Dead Nation. Here’s what I would like to see:
  • Core game plus Road to Devastation DLC with Arcade mode
  • Cross-share ability, so I can gun down zombies at home or on the road (the way it should be)
Online functionality might be a stretch, so I won’t even request it. A Vita version of this awesome game would be a great addition to the portable system’s growing library, and Housemarque has already done a fine job providing Super Stardust Delta for the Vita as a PSN launch title. Heed my request, Housemarque, and bring the zombie slaying to those on the move.
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