Soul Sacrifice – PS Vita Preview

A couple weeks ago, Japan’s famous magazine Famitsu had a huge six-page spread that showcased some real huge, ugly-looking monsters and a guy that had something coming out of his mouth. On the spread, all that appears was the title Soul Sacrifice and PS Vita, which had people speculating that it might be a tie in to Demon Souls of a Demon Souls game for the Vita. Also on the spread it had a lot of usage of the word NEW which put a lot of doubts that it’s a tie in with Demon Souls and more of a hint to a new IP. It also used the word FOUR that hinted to a possible multiplayer aspect.


Fast forward to May 10 when Sony made their official announcement. To the shock of the entire world the walking legend, the father of Mega Man, the resurrector of Resident Evil series Keiji Inafume blessed the world with his presence and revealed that he is the man behind the curtain. During the press conference Inafume was showing off actual gameplay that looked like Onimusha game style set in a dark Resident Evil world, both of course are projects that Inafume was a huge part of. During the event he described that the player will be able to spell magic for a cost, the cost being object within the game but the more powerful spells will require a “sacrifice” of blood or life or body part depending on the strength of the spell. Inafume also talked about how the there will be a way that up to four players can play together a showed how one player sacrificed himself and died in order to cast a super spell to help out the other three gamers (totally awesome). After the event another huge name was let known, Yasunori Mitsuda famous composer that works included Xenoblade, Xenogears, and Chrono Trigger to name a few. With those two huge names attached to the game I can’t wait till this winter when it was said that the game will be out.

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