Rumour – Next Xbox To Be Called Xbox 8?

This year will see the release of Windows 8 onto the PC market and Microsoft are going to follow suite with the release of Windows Phone 8.

A few sources have suggested Microsoft may follow their naming moniker on the upcoming Xbox and will be calling it Xbox 8. It is an odd name but hell its better than “Wii U”.

Please note that this is just a rumour and may not happen. It would be interesting  to keep the 8 on products in that timeline and sounds like a smart idea. What do you think?

  • The Strikester

    But what about the idiots who go “What about the Xbox 2, 3, 4, etc.”?

    • Richard Dixon

      What about all the people who thought the Xbox 360 was really the 360th Xbox? :P

    • The Strikester

      Then they have a problem :P

    • Artemisthemp

      Richard there is a reason 360 Slim is also know as RC1

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