My Army Review

Format: iOS
Developer: Distinctive Games
Publisher: Bad Puppet

Rating: N/A (ESRB) / N/A (PEGI)

Last week was the end of February and like every end of month, we did our iOS pick of the month. My Army even though it didn’t win felt like it deserved some recognition for it did some things really well, just like it also had its flaws. So I thought instead of talking what makes it great why not talk what this team, Bad Puppet, can do moving forward to improve their next games that they might be working on.

My Army is that an army themed game which personally I feel that with COD games coming out every year has really hindered my once love I had as a child playing with toy soldiers. With that said I understand that there is a ton of gamers out there that just can’t get enough, or else how would I explain COD games breaking records each and every year. In My Army you are a squad of four soldiers that are made up from you Facebook friends, I know that Facebook is the social media giant but I really wish that some one would make a game with google+ in mind. I for one use Facebook google+ and twitter a ton each day and find Facebook the worst of all and I’m not alone in this as the Facebook app it is rated 2.5 out 5 stars.

Now that I got a bit derailed lets get back to the topic on hand. The game mechanics are great very responsive and controls are superb and the cartoony art was amazing. The game offers a small amount of audio in the way of bullets, incoming missiles, and incoming messages sound effects, but no music. The lack of music to me is a big drawback as I find music to be the emotional tie in for the game with the gamer, just like a DJ and his audience at te club. I know there are ways around that like just turn on a playlist and lower the volume on the sound effects and it works great but than you have to make a play list for the game and in te end it turns out to be too much work. I also understand that there are also licensing fees for music in games.

My second and final issue with the game is also a simple issue. Through the corse of the game the environment changes and the progression system gets harder and it feels more rewarding as it gets harder which makes it a lot of fun and very enjoyable, but once you die you have to go back and start all over again. I believe this game would have benefitted a lot if it had check points at each change of environment. Also give the option of continuing from the check point or from the beginning would be great as some gamers would really like the challenge of seeing how far the can get from the start each and every time.

With that said I hope that Bad Puppet can use this as positive feedback moving forward on their next projects that they have in store and I will be keeping an eye out to see how the fair from here out. And like always feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions down below as all developers, big and small can use feedback from the community.

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