Something You Must Do When Getting Your PS Vita

Our friends over at came across rather interesting situation when they got their PS Vita back in December and have shared with the world how to avoid this rather embarrassing software issue.

When you first boot up your PS Vita it will ask if you have a PSN account, if you enter you existing account it will then try and do a firmware update but get stuck in a loop taking you back to the start of the process and keeps trying over and over to update.

Its a bit embarrassing that Sony have not ironed out this issue but the folks at have a solution to this issue by following the steps below. (Please do this when you first turn on the PS Vita).

  1. Press ‘do not use‘ rather than ‘use‘ when asked about your account.
  2. This will set you up on a trial (temporary) PSN/SEN account.
  3. Watch the video, it lasts a few minutes.
  4. Then it’ll let you update the system software.  If you don’t get a prompt, go into Settings and it’s at the top.
  5. Then you can go back and use your PSN/SEN account.
  • Hi Ho

    This content manager application is junk.  Somebody or some group needs to just root the PS Vita and install Android on it.  The Sony OS for the PS Vita is junk.  Can’t even manipulate files as is done on the PSP-1000, PSP-2000.  Seems like too much work to log onto the Playstation Network to move files to and from a PS Vita.  Looks like an invasion of privacy as well.  Root the bugger so that Android can be installed on it.

  • Richard Dixon

    I disagree, for me its really good…. If you rooted it to Android you wouldn’t be able to play the excellent games. If you want Android get a Tablet.

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