Move Fitness – Playstation 3 Review



A lot of developers want a piece of the fitness gaming market that Nintendo’s Wii Fit and Zumba Fitness dominate.

Sony revealed at E3 that it would be releasing a new batch of Playstation Move games. One of the games announced was Move Fitness by Swedish Game developer Coldwood Interactive who developed the really crappy The Fight Lights Out in 2010 for the Playstation Move.

I was very hesitant in trying Move Fitness after I found out Coldwood was developing it, but I’m glad I made the move into giving it a try because its much better that I was expecting. It seems in parts that Coldwood has learnt from its past mistakes.

What makes fitness games such a success is the verity on offer. When a person goes for a workout they want a range of activities focusing on different aspects of the body to get best results and Move Fitness does this well in some parts, but in others it is extremely frustrating.

In the real world, you will repeat certain regimes to burn more calories and get a better result but translating this to video game format dosen’t work out as you become bored very fast, I do believe Move Fitness does a good job with this though and works better than other fitness games.

Gameplay works well with the Playstation Move controllers, although sometimes depending on what workout regime you do the Playstation Eye struggles to detect certain motion, this does not happen often but when it does it can be very frustrating and can ruin the fun. The best workouts are boxing and starfish jumping, some letdowns are the ball throwing which can be very frustrating and the ball catching which can be very difficult to play. You can either play single games or choose to do a workout program with you own personal trainer which is really well thought out.

Sound is good and the trainer you choose at the start pushes you to workout harder to try different combinations, to get the best results. Music is presented well, but I believe better music would have been suited for different types of workouts.

Graphics are really good with no framerate issues and it runs very smoothly. Menus are presented well and the User Interface is brilliant. My only gripe is certain levels could have suited better backdrops.

Move Fitness does come across a little limited compared to its competition, but for £14 in most shops, this is a bargain and if you can overlook its issues its a damn great workout.

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