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Mario sure is a busy plumber saving princess peach and looking to be king of the track in the fantastic and much loved Mario Kart Series.

Nintendo really knows how to make excellent games and Mario Kart is by far one of their best loved franchises ever. It’s insanely addictive trying to get a gold cup on every course and beating your competition to the finish line.

The Mario Kart series is also classed as one of the best multiplayer experiences ever, that’s a feat considering its only recently with new Mario Kart games that you can actually play against fellow Kart fanatics online. More impressive is that Mario Kart on the Wii has sold over 28 million copies so far and is classed as one of the biggest selling games ever. You can see why Nintendo wanted to get Mario Kart 7 out on the Nintendo 3Ds asap to boost sales of the console.

With so many great titles in the series, we each decided to choose our favourite Mario Kart game.

Richard Dixon’s Favourite Mario Kart Title Is;


Super Mario Kart was not only my favourite game on the SNEs but also one of my all time favourite games ever.
This is by far my favourite in the series of Mario Kart titles and not many come close to the magic this masterpiece created.
I remember being fanatical about Super Mario Kart, not only did I complete the game but I also managed after many months of trying to get all the gold cups. I was so good that no one I played against could beat me and still to this day if I play against friends with a SNEs and a copy of Mario Kart I am still undefeated.
The SNEs controller feels as if it was designed just for this game. The layout of the pad is perfect and after countless hours of play your hand dose not ache.
Its great how you can play as different Nintendo characters such as Donkey Kong and Bowser. The track layouts are great.


The best course has to be rainbow road and toadstool kingdom comes in at a close second. The graphics still look good and the ability to thwart other drivers by dropping bananas or firing shells is still great fun.

Paul Tunnicliffe’s Favourite Mario Kart Title Is;
Just as Mario 64 took the template of previous Mario games, added 3D and analogue control and blew the world away, Mario Kart 64 followed the SNES original and created in my opinion the best Mario Kart game to date.
The original Mario Kart was good. It was an original idea, but was hindered by being limited to the hardware it was released on. It felt like a great game that could be so much more. The release of the N64 and Nintendos successful tackling of 3D worlds, meant many franchises could break free of the limits of the previous system, and MK64 is one game that really shone, so much so that the formula it took is the blueprint that Mario Kart games still follow today. What makes MK64 great though, is that its only gimmick at the time was that 3D element.
Many MK games that have followed since, have all shoehorned in different gimmicks to make it stand alone from previous versions, be it dual characters kart riding, or motion controls.  Mario Kart 64 is still a basic Mario Kart game and is all the better for it.
This entry into the series, saw the single championship mode include amazing tracks such as Bowsers Castle, Choco Mountain, DK’s Jungle Parkway and the brilliant Wario Stadium. The latter track stands out as a track that really showcased what the N64 could do, with wide tracks and huge jumps and bumps which were just not possible on the SNES version’s Mode 7 reliant game.    


The other selling point for MK64 was the split screen four player mode. Just as before, the mutliplayer battle arenas were arguably even more fun to play than the races, and with the arenas playing out on multiple levels, it made battles that little bit more frenetic and varied. MK64 is Mario Kart at its purist and still awesome.  


William Colon’s Favourite Mario Kart Is;
Mario Kart DS on the DSi is great because it lets you play online with other players via wifi. It does offer a good use of the added screen by allowing to check you place in the race and the distance of you with the leader. 
Graphics on the DSi are rather impressive and the list of racers/courses is rather good.
This isn’t without it’s flaws, the fact that baby Mario and baby Luigi are not in the game was a big disappointment. The Kuppa are also missing in this game which sucks. 


With said I still think its a great game with some great features.
You’ve seen our favourite Mario Kart games so what is yours?
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