PS Vita Accessories Pricing

The PS Vita is only a couple months from launching here on the States/UK and Europe. February 15th 2012 if you get the early edition bundle (this is just in America). The bundle includes a 3G vita a 4GB memory stick a limited edition carrying case and the game Little Deviants. This special offer is a great save because first you’ll have it a week early and all for just $350. If you were to buy all this separate you would spend around $390.

As great as it is to save $40 and to get it a week early this offer isn’t appealing to every one. Myself for instance I’m not interested in the 3G model or Little Deviants the game at all with so many big games coming out at launch. If you are like me than it’s time to look for pricing on a carrying case, memory stick, screen protector and other assecories. Well I was able to find a price for just about all the assecories that you could be possibly need.

  • 4GB memory stick – $30.
  • 8GB memory stick – $45.
  • 16GB memory stick – $70.
  • 32 GB memory stick – $120.
Now those are some expensive memory sticks especially since I bought a 16GB USB flash drive for $15 this past black Friday. Now here is a list on some of the accessories that will be available.
  • Starter kit that includes Pocket Pouch, car adapter, screen protector, headphones, and a cleaning cloth – $30.
  • Vita cradle – $20 – great to watch movies in the office.
  • Nerf armor case – $18.
  • Hard case – $10 – holds 8 games and 2 memory sticks.
  • In ear headset – $20.
  • Portable charger – $50 – holds a 1.5 vita charge and is compatible with other devices via USB slot.
As of yet there is no official pricing for PS Vita memory cards or accessories in the UK or Europe, I am sure that we will hear something soon. The PS Vita will launch in the US/UK and Europe on the 22nd February 2012.
  • Richard Dixon

    Memory cards seem ridiculously expensive. Im not sure about the pricing, seems sony may have overpriced man..

  • william

    The prices are really high. We can only hope that they do a digital discount for the games like in Japan and store them on the ps3

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