PS Vita – Inside PS Vita

I was doing some digging around on youtube, looking for videos on Uncharted: Golden Abyss and came across a really cool video made by Sony called “Inside PS Vita”

Sony’s marketing juggernaut is in full swing now as it draws ever closer to the launch of the PS Vita in Japan, then a few months later in the UK/Europe and America. The video is the first in a series of exclusive videos that will go in depth on what the PS Vita has up its sleeves, including interviews with developers, a sneak peak at the games, a look at the hardware and what it can do.

GameModo will upload new videos as they become available in this exclusive series.  The PSVita is set to launch in Japan on 17th December 2011 and will then launch in the UK/Europe and America on 22nd February 2012.

I must admit that im starting to get excited now, the content shown for the PS Vita so far has been outstanding.  Lets hope that Sony release some decent launch games, and some new ones that we havent seen yet would be cool.

  • Alvin Smith

    Wow this is fab.  Would like more of this kinda of stuff Sony.

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