Worst Game Controllers Part 1

We take it for granted with our 360 and our Dual Shock 3 pads at just how unnecessarily shit some video game controllers used to be. 

In part 1 of our Worst Game Controllers we have,

Nintendo’s Power Glove

Back in 1989, the Power Glove was released, and was the first controller to recreate hand movements, it was like the Wiimote but far less accurate and very frustrating to use. Nintendo are known for making the best controllers the world has seen, but this was a monstrosity, hold your horses a second though because the Power Glove was not actually designed or created by Nintendo, they just put the Nintendo license onto it, it was developed and made by Mattel.

The Power Glove worked by attaching 3 sensors around the TV that would apparently pick up the movements of the Power Glove via infra red. The problem was the designer who designed the sensor system forgot to include a way of them actually attaching to the TV which often resulted in the sensors falling off during play. The Power Glove was very inaccurate at detecting the users motions and would often do something different.

After Nintendos 90 Minute marketing film, The Wizard was released The Power Glove became a classic, but in no way because it was good but due to hilarious scene featuring the character Lucas Barton boasting “I love The Power Glove. It’s bad”. Yea its bad, its a pile of shit.

Luckily for us, only two games were released for the Power Glove. Super Glove Ball, a 3D puzzle maze game and Bad Street Brawler, a beat em up. Games without support of the Power Glove could also be played by inputting the controls into a keypad on the glove that set a control scheme for the glove.

Due to very poor sales, the Power Glove became a critical and commercial failure and ceased production. Thank god for that.

Sega Activator


A lot of people think Microsoft’s Kinect is the first attempt at full body motion controls. The Kinect is actually the second attempt at full motion body control because in 1993 Sega released its ultra shit Sega Activator.

Sega claimed in its advertisements that the Sega Activator was revolutionary and made it look like something from the future. All you had to do was set up 6 bits of plastic into a rectaganal shape and connect it into the Megadrive also known as the Genesis in America. You would then, according to Sega be able to kick in real life, and it would happen in the game.


Did this work? No, Sega was lying. The way the Sega Activator worked was by firing infra red walls out of the 6 plastic pieces you put together and replicated a Mega Drive (Genesis) control pad by using body movements. Sounds simple, right? Well no because it did not work most of the time, controls would not be detected, and the piece of shit known as the Sega Activator would get confused if placed under a ceiling fan.

The Sega Activator did not sell, and the high selling price was the final nail in the coffin. Sega quietly discontinued the Sega Aviator.

A note to remember, If a Microsoft fanboi tells you the Kinect did it first, you can laugh and explain that Sega did it first.

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