Sonic Generations 2nd Demo On The Way

Sega released a rather cool demo of Sonic Generations earlier this year for a limited time in celebration of Sonics 20th birthday.  The demo featured old sonic running through a lush HD level and in all honesty left me thinking “WOW”, not only did it feel like the old sonic games, it looked stunning and featured Sonics trademark speed.

A second demo is on the way, this time it features the new Sonic racing through the Green Hill zone and you can also play as old Sonic. The new demo will be released exclusivity first for Xbox Live on October the 19th and then on PSN October 28th.

Sonic Generations has been given a release date by Sega for the 4th November on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC download. Some not so good news is the Nintendo 3Ds and PC Boxed version will be released sometime later in November.

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