Kindle Fire What We Know

Why is a Gaming website doing a write up on the Amazon Kindle Fire? its a tablet not a gaming device. Well the demographic of gaming is changing in a way that a lot of the best handheld games are no longer coming out on handheld consoles but instead on phones and tablets running Googles Android and Apples IOS as these are fast becoming the platforms of choice for portable gaming.

Lets start things of with the price, which will be $199 on launch in the US on November the 16th. It will run on a custom Android 2.3 OS which Amazon have carefully crafted to remove most of Androids standard apps and have been replaced by Amazons own versions of them. Amazon have made a fork into the Android world by closing what is essentially an open operating system, we will have to see how well this works out for Amazon and Google Android.  No release date has been set for the UK as of yet but will keep everyone updated when we know.

Some great things about the Kindle Fire is that it will feature duel core processing, a 7″ multi touch non reflective screen, 8GB of storage and 512mb of on board ram which is more powerful than a Nintendo 3Ds.  We are unsure on the graphical horsepower of the Kindle Fire, but from experience using Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 which is of similar specifications, produces some amazing graphics. Another interesting fact is its rather impressive 8 hours of battery life, when you compare this to the Nintendo 3Ds lasting for only 2 – 3 hours, that is quite a feat considering the Kindle Fires specifications.

The Kindle fire will utilise Amazons cloud based abilities to stream apps and web pages in seconds and as we have mentioned in a previous article, this could be the future of gaming like OnLive. Another great feature that will help set this apart from Sony and Nintendo is you will be able to use Amazons Kindle app to download books, but better yet is the ability to stream music and videos via Amazons cloud streaming service and download apps and games via the Amazon App Store.

As for content Amazon will have plenty and these are a few of the games that will be on offer from the start or slightly after the Kindle Fire launches via their Amazon App Store.

 9mm is like Max Payne
Bladeslinger is like Red Dead Redemption meets Resident Evil
 Modern Combat 2 is Like Call Of Duty World At War
Asphalt 6 is like Burnout
It will be interesting to see how the Kindle Fire will shape the handheld gaming market and how Sony and Nintendo will react to this but one things for certain, the Kindle Fire is sure to make an impact in the tablet market.
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