Jet Set Radio Dreamcast Retro-Modo Review

Recently, I decided to brush the dust of my Dreamcast and re-play a game that altered my outlook on gaming forever.  Sega really did give the gaming world its fair share of treats on the Dreamcast and, at the time had some of the most creative game development studios in the world.

I remember reading a Dreamcast magazine that did a write-up on the then upcoming Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in America). The first thing that caught my eye was the graphics, which at the time where very unique. Cell-shaded graphics where a new thing back then, and Sega’s Smilebit decided to utilise them in a very special way. I can’t really imagine Jet Set Radio without the cell-shaded graphics, it not only ads to its style, but is one of the key features in the arty world Smilebit created.

Jet Set Radio is a game like no other. It featured sprawling urban environments, that had you spray paint over other gangs tags on roller skates. It sounds a bit odd but it’s actually really fun.

Graphically you can’t knock Jet Set Radio, it’s so good that it looks like it has not aged when re playing it today.  The designs of the characters and the environments are beautiful, it’s a treat on the eyes.

The Soundtrack is one of the best I have listened to, in a game. It features licensed tracks and original music that really is a unique collection of songs. It’s so good that no game has come close to it yet. A cool part of Jet Set Radio is a Rasta DJ dude, pumps out some wicked tunes and keeps you up to date of happenings in the world of Jet Set Radio.

For me what makes Jet Set Radio so addictive to play is the gameplay, which totally rule. The controls are really well made, and are in my opinion the best controls on the Dreamcast. 

Sega did make a sequel for the original Xbox called Jet Set Radio Future and a Gameboy Advance version. The issue was that it did not sell very well, maybe due to the marketing, or that it was just to unique that people where wary to pick it up and have a go. There have been a lot of petitions asking Sega to make a new Jet Set Radio, but it’s very unlikely, as Sega no longer make games that are of this caliber. If you own a Dreamcast still and do not own this game, I suggest you go to eBay now, and pick yourself a copy up.


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