”Halloween quiet? Oh, I figured it’d be a big old vamp scare-apalooza”

Halloween. Its a night that our pals across the pond in the U.S love. We here in Blighty have tried our best to embrace it, but usually it consists of scally kids who make the minimum of effort costume wise and expect cash when knocking on a stranger’s door.

For all my slight negativity of the night, I do like Halloween. If you let your imagination conjure up the notion of it being different to any other night, it is a spooky evening. Its also a good reason to dig out some old games that spook the crap out of you. Here’s a brief rundown of some to try…

Project Zero (PS2/XBOX) – Criminally overlooked in Europe, the game known as Fatal Frame in Japan, is survival horror with ghosts. The idea here is to scare away the ghostly attackers by taking a photograph of them. But for the best results, the nearer the ghost is the better. A test of nerves and genuinely creepy.


Resident Evil (Gamecube) – An obvious choice, but choice of format is important here. The remake of the original Resi even now looks amazing, and takes an already classic game and makes it that bit more unsettling.

Eternal Darkness (Gamecube) – Another Cube game, Eternal Darkness is one weird game. On the face of it, its a third person action game, but playing it and experiencing those insanity moments has to be done, especially on Halloween night.

Doom 3 (XBOX/PC) – Sci-fi horror leaves me a little cold, but it was a close call between this and Dead Space to fill that genre in this list. Doom 3′s insistence on having to lower your weapon to use your flashlight to see what horror lies ahead, pips Isaac Clarke’s nightmare for me.

Dr Franken (Gameboy) – At the time it was released, this was one of the most detailed games graphically, anyone had squeezed out of the GB’s monochrome screen. Legging it around Frankens castle looking for your girlfriends body parts is creepy, but adding in a Gameboy version of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to score the game, is genius and creates a unique atmosphere rarely seen on the GB.

Silent Hill 2 (PS2) – Silent Hill 2 is what Christopher Lee would be in game form. Mostly quiet, unassuming and almost charming, until that bloody alarm goes off and everything changes. Taking most things that make normal human beings cringe or cower, Silent Hill 2 improved on the PSOne original and doubled everything. Hell, it even made for a half decent movie.

What games give you the chills on Halloween?

(Bonus points for those who know where the above title quote is from too…)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07426710917331677790 Dixon

    I remember getting my Xbox 360 at launch and getting the horrific Obscure, used to scare the crap out of me.

  • Anonymous

    My scariest game was Batman Arkham Asylum…. I know its silly but it scared the socks of me.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02616419498835777257 william

    Great choose Fatal Frame (project zero) and resident evil game cube by far the in the series and one of the few greats of the console. Keep the amazing work up.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11043812832695317024 城間エドゥアルド

    Mmmm… That’s a hard question!

    It may seem silly, but in my childhood I was afraid of the Dick Tracy’s 2-Way Wrist Radio in the Master System game! XD

    I don’t want to sound arrogant, but honestly I did not play anything that scared me a lot. A game that I remember I was “afraid to die” was Clock Tower, for the Super Famicom, when Scissorman chases you! :P

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13251858447566315523 Xelviar

    Mos scary moment? all of Dead space bar the final boss, or for a quirky one, when I was playing Tomb Raider 2 on the PC and I went into the T-Rex pit…

    Out of nowhere in the dark light (and the fact my PC at the time had crap graphics) I started firing and the T Rex was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, EATING ME TO BITS. So yes, I was pretty scarred after that!

  • Gaz

    Nice blog by the way. I really got scared after playing Dead Space on the wii.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16104813448937372699 Mauler5

    Dead space 2 gave me nightmares! The part where you have to guide the needle into your own eye!

  • Paul T

    Thanks for all the great comments, hope you enjoy reading our writing. A quick mention for another halloween gaming moment, the tomb under the graveyard in Ocarina of Time, that scream the that makes you freeze. I dont like it.

  • http://www.vastseaofgames.com/ Mineeva

    Hmmm… now that I think about it, I haven’t played that many scary games! I did play Silent Hill 2 because I heard how great it was. And it was! It also gave me a case of the heebie-geebies. Couldn’t sleep well for weeks! O_o’

  • http://www.game-modo.com/2011/10/uncharted-sucess.html Nothing Scares Me

    Nothing Scares me.

  • Lord Chipps

    Condemned! Freakiest game I ever played! The use of the light and shadows and sounds!

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