Could The Dreamcast 2 Happen?

Sega had been defeated by Sony and Nintendo, the public just didn’t like the idea of the Saturn, so Sega had to create a new beast to take down Sony and Nintendo.  Back in 1999 when the Dreamcast launched, it was something of a sensation, after the Saturn most people had written Sega off as finished.  The Dreamcast not only featured killer and often unique games in the forms of Sonic Adventure, the groundbreaking Shenmue and the cel shaded masterpiece, Jet Set Radio but also featured Online play, a somewhat cumbersome but cool controller and something called a VMU which was essentially a memory card you could also use to play games on.  For a while the Dreamcast was selling really well until the Playstation 2 which was gaining huge hype due to it also being a dvd player.  Sega eventually had to pull out of the hardware market in 2001

Last year the internet went alite with claims of a Dreamcast 2 in production, after famous Sonic The Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka said “Let Me Make Dreamcast 2″.  This is not the first time such a thing has happened either, in 2007 Sega filed a trademark application for the Dreamcast and shortly after Sega announced Ringedge which was not a console but arcade machine hardware. Each time this happened people seemed to believe Sega was working on a Dreamcast 2 but this was not the case.


What does make me laugh, is a guy on Youtube, who makes bogus Dreamcast 2 videos, speculating the launch date and supplying false information on the non existent Dreamcast 2.  So far according to him it will be launched 12 December 2012.

As good as this all sounds its very unlikely Sega will release a new console.  What people have to remember is Sega is not the same company it  used to be. Sega was bought out in 2004 by Sammy and is now called Sega Sammy holdings and are now one of the worlds biggest third party game developers, making a heap of money.  A lot of people hope Sega will make a Dreamcast 2 and so do I!, not only was the Dreamcast one of the worlds best ever consoles but it featured some fantastic games and great ideas.

  • Anonymous

    I love this blog. Agreed the Dreamcast 2 is just a fantasy.

  • Steven

    Too bad this is never likely going to happen…

  • Anonymous

    SEGA is packing it up as a packaged multiplatformer publisher and as of June 2012 will no longer publish 3rd party boxed IPs, all multiplatform titles from that time foward will be digital and downloadable only. A select amount of old SEGA classics are getting HD revamps and remakes. This version will be DLC for PSN.SEGA is also secretly hard at work on new hardware. They filed a game tablet trademark in March of this year called “KIDS PAD” which is set to be unveiled very soon and are preparing to roll out a new cutting edge 512-bit arcade board called “RINGWAVE” which will replace the RINGEDGE next year. The board was supposed to be annouced at JAMMA this year, but since the board uses PC silicon that’s unvailible to the OEM market namely Nvidia’s top secret mircoprocessor “Denver” and Imagination Tech graphics techology, since both NVIDIA Denver and Imagination Tech NEC Power VR 6 aren’t ready for prototype demos, SEGA changed plans and instead is waiting for cue from Nvidia and IM for unveiling.

  • Anonymous

    The board MAY also already have a console version codenamed “Project Futura” a SCEI Europe survey in August listed a prototype system called “Sega Futura”.SEGA also plans on reverting back to “Sega Enterprises” brand next summer as they renewed the brand name trademark late in 2009 for home game machines.SEGA has BIG plans for 2012, which explains why Sega of Japan has not annouced support for Wii U, why SEGA isn’t developing many games for 3DS and Vita and why they’re new IPs are downloadable only.  

  • Anonymous date it was filed should tell everyone why nobody has ever heard about it yet.SEGA’s original hardware brand trademark: and Reregistered in November 2009.  

  • Anonymous

    Sony has no plans for a Playstation 4. They’ve amassed a near $15 billion dollar budget on PS3 & have lost $10 billion on it. They spent 7 years developing it.(1999-2005) They must keep it going. They’ve put all thier hopes into Vita & are upgrading PS3 so it can outpreform Wii U. MS is putting the finishing touches on Xbox 3 which is codenamed “Bulldozer”. Nintendo is having a VERY HARD time trying to get Japanese Wii U support. Most JP publishers aren’t convinced its a cutting edge machine & will be releasing bigger anticpated titles for PS3/360 the same time Wii U launches.

  • Anonymous

    SEGA has spent 10 long years as a multiplatform publisher, however, this gen has not been kind to them. The budget busting hardware of PS3/360 has made it hard for SEGA’s overseas IPs. And in Japan where SEGA is loved,popluar & profitable, SEGASammy has seen revenue rise 20% in the past 3 years. They cannot spend anymore money on hardware they can’t adapt to & thier brand name can’t compete with the likes of BIG Western publishers, so the option for thier 3rd party market is digital content. Its cheaper, & more profitable for them.

  • Anonymous

    SEGA wants to sell the KIDS PAD as a niche tablet, with it using Power VR 5 graphics like PSV & with running apps at 720p, KP will be a pretty strong hybrid.Despite the success of the RING series, SEGA wants something FAR more powerful. And hopes it can convince people they can put out a strong console.  

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