Could Apple Release A Games Console?



Every now and then an article will appear on IGN, Eurogamer or one of the top gaming websites, claiming Apple might be working on a next generation games console to compete against Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. GameModo decided to take a look at what Apple may or may not be working on and give our thoughts on what it might be.



A lot of people wouldn’t realise, but Apple have already had a game console released in the form of the ill fated PIPPIN in 1995. The PIPPIN was co created with the Japanese firm Bandai; it was an attempt at creating an inexpensive computer that could mainly play games. The main downfall was the lack of games, the price and the lack of support which put many people of getting a PIPPIN.

After a lot of research into Apples illusive games console, we decided that its really is a guessing game from most websites, as to if or when Apple may release a games console and what it could do etc.

The main question is, why would Apple want to venture back into the video game market? After the failed miserably last time, how could they compete with the likes of Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft? GameModo don’t believe Apple will come back with a games console, but we believe it most likely going to be a set top box that will possibly create inroads into replacing game consoles. The game consoles are the kings of the living room, but we believe Apple could run everything through the set top box, including gaming and essentially re writing the way we access media in our lives, like the iPod/iPhone and iPad has essentially done.

Apple TV has sold many units, it is a product Apple have not really tried selling.  If Apple upgrade it with a decent graphics chip, processors and market it better they could demote the living room and your world.

This is just GameModo’s idea of what Apple may do, it could be something completely different, but we do believe they are working on something. What do you think? What might it be?

  • Wrath Oskvro

    I don’t think they could make a game console and be successful, for one reason. The price tag would most likely be outrageously stupid. Heyyy it’s an Apple product, it’s a powerful game system! Let’s sell it for the low price of $1000. (Watch how many fanboys try to troll me now)

  • Anonymous

    14th October, posting early? Are you in a IPhone 4s queue by any chance :D

  • Stormkeeper

    Are you suggesting that they may go the OnLive route and stream games from the cloud instead of having “local media”? Honestly, I think Apple are best off staying out of the console market; it’s pretty saturated as it stands and I think they’re going to have the same issue with a lack of games again… unless they have something up their sleeve, which I currently doubt.

    At present, all I can really think of is at the start, they’ll basically just put out “iGame” versions of some of the iPhone/iTouch/iPad games already out there and ask their loyal fans to pay again (and more!) for a game they already have, but is redesigned to work with a gamepad or somesuch. Alternatively, they might just do a cloud gaming system, ala Gaiki and the recently released (in the UK) OnLive.

    I suppose though, given the success of the iTunes Market, it makes sense that Apple would be considering a console, but I doubt its overall success. I honestly can’t see what they would do different to others, so if this is actually true I’ll be very interested to see what they bring to the table.

  • Dixon

    Hi Stormkeeper, I doubt they will release a dedicated console. More like they will release a set top box, that can download or stream games. Like onlive or Xbox Live/PSN. Will prob also access itunes, icloud etc etc. In my opinion very much like AppleTv yet way more advanced :)

  • Orion Blastar

    Forget making a games console, do what Sega did and develop for the others. The cost of hardware is too much and most game consoles are expensive and sold at below cost to make up for selling video games for it.

    If anything make a joystick or joypad attachment for the iOS devices like the iPod, iPad, iPhone and make games for them. The AppleTV can be turned into a video game console that way then. Just plug in video game controllers to it and add video games in the app store.

    Make video games for the Wii, Playstation 3, and XBox 360 as gamers already have that. Apple’s video game console like every other Apple product will be grossly over priced like $800 for the video game console. The Neogeo once did that, claimed to be arcade quality, but tanked because it was too expensive.

    The Apple Pippin was like the Atari Jaguar, could not get the video games released for it that people wanted to buy. Competitors made better devices and video games and shut it out.

  • Brad

    An Apple device that let you play the latest games through a GoLive type service (iLive) isn’t too far from believeable. The major console manufacturers have the market cornered, fact. However when put it into perspective – would you rather spends hundreds on a new console that has the same hardware in it for years, like current gen consoles that after 6ish years are finding it hard to compete with Battlefield 3 on the PC…..or have one box that lets you access all your Apple content (because you will have some, let’s face it – who hasn’t owned an iPhone at some point?) and play the latest games on the latest hardware through cloud technologies on your huge LCD TV possibly in 3D…? The downside could be the iRipOffYourArmAndSlapYouWithTheSoggyEnd pricing that Apple are well known for but it’s interesting to say the least.

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