PSVita What We Know


Its an exciting time for Sony at the moment getting ready for the Japanese launch of the PSVita and happy they should be as this looks like it could be the handheld of this generation with some amazing specs and a design that Gok Wan would kill for. 

The PSVita has had praise ever since its initial announcement earlier this year and has left people in complete amazement after playing it, the console boasts a 5 inch OLED touch screen and some smart internal hardware that push it to near Playstation 3 graphics.  Some developers are saying if you use the system to its full power that it is as powerful as a Playstation 3 but the only problem is that it overheats and the battery lasts only 5 – 10 minuets so we will never see this happen.  There are 2 analogue sticks on the front opening a whole new world of gameplay for handheld, thats right first person shooters are in the works for the Vita including a special Battlefield. On the reverse is a unique touch panel which im not entirely sure was needed but hey its still could turn out rather useful.  Upon launch 2 versions will be available a 3G version which will work with a sim card to connect you to the internet anywhere and a standerd version with no 3G. Sony have also stolen an idea to stream certain games to the Vita like the Wii u, if you have the power why not utilise it ey?

The operating system is a bit change from the XrossMediaBar seen on the Playstation Portable and the Playstation 3 now we have something called LiveArea where you can access you PSN, download apps and a feature I really like the sound of is the ability to use augmented reality to leave some graffiti or a leave a message and if another user uses a vita with that application they can see what you have done.

Trophy support is also featured and if you have a PSN account the trophies will be added to it, the ability to download apps such as Facebook and Twitter will be available from day one.

Games on the Vita come on a special NVG card which can hold from 2gb to 16gb with 10% locked for games patches and saves, im glad sony has moved away from the UMD as this seems like a far smarter option with faster read and loading times.  Sony will have its own special Vita memory cards which have been spotted in the wild and are rather expensive so lets hope that by the time they launch here they will be cheap.

Its backwerds compatibile with all PSP titles, but there is no UMD drive I hear you say, well sony will apparently be offering the ability to download them through the Playstation store on the Vita.


Uncharted The Golden Abyss
 Wipeout 2048
Little Big Planet
Some really huge games are planned for the Vita such as the ones named above, Call Of Duty, ModNation Racers, Ridge Racer,  Little Deviants, Metal Gear Solid, Battlefield plus many others.  The games so far announced in development for the Vita dwarf the Nintendo 3Ds upcoming catalogue of games.
As to yet we still have no American or European release dates but expect the 3G version to sell for £229 and the non 3G version to sell for £200.


So its looking exciting for the PSVita so far and if I was Nintendo I would be slightly worried as this could easily be the best handheld released yet. All Sony have to do Is launch it really well and make sure no major hickups happen and they will have it in the bag. 
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