PL Story – Android Game Of The Month

**Every month we will be doing our favorite Android game of the month feature**


Kairosoft are back with there fourth outing on Android with the fantastic Pocket League Story.  Ever wondered what a japanese football management game would be like? well this is it, much like Karisofts other games in the “Story” series this plays in the same way with its own spin on the Management Genre.


The aim of the game is to build up a soccer team (yes they use the word Soccer a lot) and train them up to bring back trophies to build a better stadium and football club.  The graphics are just really fun and the little animations/character models are rather amusing at times. The controls are really easy to pick up and at first look a bit overwhelming but after a few hours they become like second nature as you are beating all the rivals to win the money and the cup.

Although Pocket League Story is totally addictive like Karisofts “Game Dev Story”, “Hot Springs Story”and “Grand Prix Story” it feels kinda like a one trick pony, will Karisofts magic start wearing of, or will they continue to amaze us with the “Story” franchise? I will let you decide that.  You can download PL Story from the Android Market for £1.93 and the Lite versions (which is a demo) is free.

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