OnLive and Cloud Gaming….

Cloud Gaming also known as Gaming on Demand is a thing of great mystery to many gamers, non gamers and myself included, so I decided to do some research on what Cloud Gaming actually is. What it involves is no physical copy or installation of the game instead its streamed directly from the internet (cloud) to your system. Some great features of this is the game is always upto date so no need to install patches and you will never loose your game again as its always available to play.  The downside is you need a very good internet connection for the more recent games, some asking up to 8mbps which is obviously not good if you have a 2mbps connection like me or no internet connection.


A few companies have plunged into Cloud Gaming such as OnLive who also offer a unique console that is the size of an old Sega Mega drive cartridge and was released in the UK on Friday.  Its interesting because the console does not need all the power of say a Playstation 3 all it needs to do is transmit an image to the TV and a server streams the game to the console or an Apple Mac/PC. The console itself only costs £50 but some of the games are £40 a pop and for that you may as well buy a physical copy. OnLive offers some really cool features such as try a game before you purchase it which give you say have an hour triel of a full game and a monthly subscription play of £6 a month to play OnLives chosen games. Another good feature of OnLive is it will work on internet connections 2mbps but its recommended you have a speed of 4mbps.

You can try the OnLive service by pressing this Link it currently works on PC/Mac/Android Tablets and the iPad.

Some companies have dipped there toes into the Cloud Gaming world such as Crytek who began testing this technology but decided to halt research until internet speeds had increased.

I can see a big future for Cloud Gaming when internet speeds are increased and games are made cheaper than physical copies. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo must be watching to see what happens next before they step in and make their move.

  • Anonymous

    OnLive seems to lag depending on the game but the idea if worked properly is sound. I did not know they had a console out, thanks for the info will be looking at getting this.

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